Who we are. 

Our diverse team is the driving force behind our science. 

Our Team

Alumni of Platt Labs


Even when it’s not science, it’s still kind of pretty much science.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. It starts with bringing together a diverse group of great minds to advance science and solve problems. But it doesn't end there...

Getting together for pure socializing is a great way to bring new team members into the mix, allow lab members to learn a little more about each other and even introduce significant others and friends from outside the lab or the UPenn community.

Our regularly-scheduled happy hours are not just an afterthought. Stronger personal relationships and infusing lab culture with some fun makes a huge difference. Whether through whiskey tasting lectures or sampling eclectic microbrews - carried back with us from the latest conference - these are the opportunities to build team momentum and cultivate new ideas in a supportive and positive environment.

  • Platt Labs Team Extremely Human, 2016
  • Platt Labs Team Extremely Human, 2016