Arjun Ramakrishnan

Postdoctoral Researcher


Arjun Ramakrishnan is a Research Associate in the Platt lab who has 12+ years of experience in collecting, analyzing, and modeling electrophysiological data related to action planning, decision-making, information seeking. He is interested in developing novel technology at the interface of neuroscience and engineering.  He was instrumental in demonstrating the first Brainet, which involved large-scale neural recording from more than one brain to jointly achieve a common goal.  This work has been well-cited and featured in leading newspapers and magazines like the NYT and the Guardian.

He’s currently working on a project that utilizes eye tracking, pupillometry, EEG-based biomarkers to monitor brain states when humans and animals are engaged in explore-exploit decision-making. He’s also developing multichannel recording methods to monitor neural population activity in nonhuman primates to understand how reward values translate to action values. 


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